- Protection against 'macro' added
 - You can open offline and usual shops only in safezone or on trade map. You cannot open shops too close to each other
- Coins added in inventory window
- Added possibility to sell items for coins via offline shops
 - Hometown damage bonus was disabled

- Halloween Event added
- Offline shops added

- PvP-balance on Elysium was changed (almost all classes were boosted in order to get equal chances in PvP)

- Offline messages were added in game (you won't miss any message)
- Chat history was added into whisper dialog
- From now you can join PvP-Tournament via Berserk menu
- Deleted possibility to buff while you're in Anti-Camping mode
- Deleted possibility to buff in PvP-Tournament
- Fixed weapon-skins bugs for pvp
- Youtube costumes were added yt_male.png yt_female.png (available only for youtubers)

- New pets were added (Meley's Baby Seal 53141.png and Meley's Baby (Purple) Seal 53142.png), available in Itemshop
- You're able to use return coins feature for Wind Chaser Boots and Experience Rings
- Entry limits were changed for some maps: Green Valley (Lv. min. 90), Thunder Desert (Lv. min. 140)
- Was added Alternative Crafting (check out Blacksmith NPC)
- Sidebar help-menu was moved into inventory window
- Bonus switcher has 3 slots for items, also you're able to use scrolls from Beginners Box now
- You're able to add bonuses with enchant scrolls on costumes and weapon skins

- New maps were added Temple of the Ochao and Enchanted Forest
- New weapons and upgrade materials were added level 170 PvM and level 180 PvP (more info)
- Mobs amount for Hunting quest in Devil's Catacomb map were reduced (more info)
- New upgrade materials were added into Daily Gift
- Effective bonuses were added to mobs on low level maps (info in wiki)

- Reward changed for 'PvP Master of Kingdom' quest, now you'll receive Magic Metal x 10 as reward
- Mounts and White Flags are disabled for PvP Tournament

- New Vote4Coins site was added
- Blink/Alert in taskbar when new message received

- Were added more missions in Hunting quest (up to 210 map). Also in additional you'll receive coins reward when finish a mission, reward equals mobs amount in mission / 2
- Drop rates for low level maps were increased (maps: WC1, WC2, Green Valey, Cursed Green Valey)
- High level metins were added in Rain Event

- Now you have possibility to add any players in "Block list", if player is there you'll not receive private/shout/chat messages from him
- From now you have possibility to disable Insult filter in game (available in game options)
- Also was applied few security fixes. You aren't able to equip/unequip/use some items too fast, - more than 2 times per second. Fixes for channels/game stability were applied

- Transport Box 53100.png which allows you to move/trade pets (available in Itemshop)
- Stay4Coins feature was enabled again (at the moment it works in 'usual' mode, - it's harder to gain coins in compare with 'event' mode)

- Pets are able to grow now (their size depend on level)

- PvP-tournament quest/map was added to our server

- Possibility to refund costumes on Elysium for 249 coins. In order to use this feature drop costume on Hong-Hae NPC
- Added protection for Dragon Chests. You cannot open the chest if alchemist quest isn't finished

- Summer Event was activated
- Summer sale. You'll receive 50% (during 1st week) bonus from all coin's purchases during event
- Teaching quest was added
- Daily gift system was changed
- New horses available in Itemshop

- Pets are able to pickup items (available via pet menu)
- 4th slot for stones were added on weapons/armours

- New high level maps (Nephrite Bay, Cape Dragon Fire and Guatama Cliff. Available at Seon-Hae NPC)
- New armors (level 175, 180, 190, 200. Available in game and in Item Shop)
- Fire/Lightning/Wind Resistances were removed from pet bonus menu. Strong against monsters was added instead

- Easter Event activated
- Pet system was improved (you need equip seal to summon a pet, you could have up to 7 bonuses on pet)
- Mounts system changed (check out Hong-Hae mount shop)
- Added new pets, costumes, hairstyles
- Inventory gold limit increased
- Beginner's Box and Daily Gift are changed
- Shoulder sashes effects are fixed
- Warrior's bunny costume fixed
- Level 75 weapons added to Weapon Vendor

Midgard improvements:
- 100% default rates
- 150% TT Rates
- 200% NW Rates

Shoulder Sash system added to our servers.

- Changed game user interface
- Return Coins feature for Midgard

- From Tuesday till Thursday EXP, Gold, Gold Bombs and Items rates will be increased up to 50% (TT Rates)

- Pet system was changed/improved. More info you may find here


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